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Aug 31, 2004 - Website Change - HINTS.com start on phase 4 of phase 6.

Aug 30, 2004 - Website Change - HINTS.com phase 3 of 6 completed.

Jul 31, 2004 - Website Completed - HINTSfromHINTZ.com update completed

Jul 15, 2004 - Website Change - HINTS.com/forum update completed

May 15, 2004 - Website Change - HINTSinternational.com website completed

Mar 19, 2004 - Website Change - HINTS.com rework part of phase 3 of phase 6.

Mar 08, 2004  - Add domain name  www.HINTSfromHINTZ.com  for Store

Mar 07, 2004 - Store goes live www.store.HINTS.com

Jan 21, 2004 - Website Change - www.store.HINTS.com  Store sub-domain

Jan 19, 2004 - Website change -  HINTS-TAB is completed, as Hints.com Forum is finalized and open for USE by all.
We appreciate the help of some of the Hints.com Forum users in helping us test some of the general and security features installed. 

Jan 07, 2004 - Website change - Online Forum added to Hints.com with it's own sub-domain www.Hints.com/forum/

Jan 06, 2004 - Website Change www.products.HINTS.com Products sub-domain

Dec 24, 2003 - NEW HINTSfromHINTZ   Product Line added- Doggie Air Freshener
HINTSfromHINTZ  Product Line added - German Shepherd Key Ring

Dec 22, 2003 - Added Sfpcc.org Link - San Francisco Computer Club
www.Sfpcc.org (San Francisco Peninsula Computer Club) was added to Hints.com in December 2003.   If you wish to visit the Sfpcc website, you need to either click on the Sfpcc.org item on the menu on the left, or in the future you can enter direct by entering www.Sfpcc.org.  Sometime soon this will change, and Sfpcc.org visitors will go directly to Sfpcc website.

Sfpcc Newsletters from January 1997 to current are available to read online.

Sfpcc is a computer club that has served the San Francisco Peninsula for the past 20 years.  Recently they lost their site.  As Past President of Sfpcc and one of the principles of Hints.com, Hints.com has stepped in to provide a home for Sfpcc.org.

Hints.com has added a new online forum.  Under the HINTS tab, this forum will provide HELPFUL HINTS for many different subjects.  This including software, computer advancements, etc., which is in concert with Hints.com support of Sfpcc.org.

If you wish to go directly to the Hints.com online forum, you may enter www.Hints.com/forum/ as a URL.

Dec 6, 2003 - NEW HINTS from HINTZ  Product Line added - Dog treats added

Nov 25, 2003 - Website Change - Website is updated to new look & feel.

Hints.com web site has a new face.  If you are a previous visitor to Hints.com you will find amazing new information and features.  The renovation of Hints.com is charted into a 5-stage development tier.  Presently the Hints.com website has completed stage 2.  Keep coming back as you never know what you might be missing.

Two major factors were the foundation here at Hints.com.  First, we wanted to make sure that the web site worked efficiently for all users, but especially for those who may still be using a 56K modem.  This functionality is especially necessary while navigating at Hints.com, especially HINTS from HINTZ, the unique product line division of this site.  Second, Hints.com wanted the user navigation to be simple.  With the web site file folder tab structure, a user can find their way to and from the various sections quickly.  As you might recognize, when navigating from tab to tab at the header lever the left-hand menu changes.  This provides the user a full view of all web site options right at the Home page.

Hints.com made an effort to stay away from any Flash which some users dislike and Shared Borders which some Internet browser software does not handle properly, at this time.

Please be patient and visit us again.  With our overhaul structure, at the present time you will see that the HINTS & SERVICES menu tabs as well as the Sitemap menu item on the HOME tab, though functional are essentially empty. The HINTS from HINTZ product line has many up and coming unique items yet to be posted.  Hints.com  appreciates your business and patience as the website  continues to grow.

As you can well imagine we here at Hints.com are very excited about our new face on the Internet.  If you have any input/suggestions please email them to Sales@Hints.com

Hints.com migrated from the 1980s as Hints BBS (Bulletin Board System).
To read our historic legend please navigate to the F.A.Q. tab and read our story line (click here) The Company.

Last revised: 2004-03-19

Any question or comments email us at Sales@Hints.com.

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