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Spam Attack


Hints.com is a "innocent victim" of a recent "Joe-Job" Spam attack/campaign, by one or more Spam companies (hereafter referred as "Spammers" either as an individual and/or individuals and/or company and/or companies). "Spammers" are sending out hundreds, thousands or millions of Spam emails with a forged, fake, impersonating or pretending to be from a Hints.com email addressee, thereby pretending to originate from Hints.com domain name/network.  "Spammers" are harming Hints.com while using the Hints.com domain name without permission.  "Spammers" are harming Hints.com by the "Spammers" use of the domain name Hints.com by sending out SPAM [unsolicited emails], smearing (painting in a bad light)  the domain name Hints.com. "Spammers" are making a monetary gain while using the domain name Hints.com, directly or indirectly.  "Spammers" are using hundreds or thousands of various "made up" names as part of the 1st part of the email address and Hints.com as part of the domain name.  Furthermore the "Spammers" action/s (distribution of Spam email) is a violation of virtually all ISPs' (Internet Service Providers') contracts, and is illegal in most United States states', including but not limited to the State of California.

Please be advised that Hints.com has had nothing whatsoever to do with the above mentioned SPAM e-mails.  If You've "Received Spam from Hints.com"  the messages do not originate from Hints.com domain/network.  Hints.com does not Spam emails.  Hints.com does not condone Spam emails.  Rest assured that Hints.com has NO participation in the Spam emails, other than "being an innocent victim" of Spammers behavior.   We request that you do not direct your blame or frustration towards Hints.com for we share that frustration.   Hints.com Spam Email Policy is clear: Absolutely no email spamming from or to Hints.com web site, email account or accounts, including but not limited to or about Hints.com products, information and services, etc..

If you check the Spam email headers you will see that the Spam email using Hints.com domain/network name as part of the FROM: Spam email, actually came from someplace else other than Hints.com.  If a web site is advertised in way or fashion within the body of the message, it is not Hints.com, butt rather some other website.  Note, the website the Spam email directs you to, more than likely logs  any information it can gleam from your computer.  If you investigate the Spam email in more detail, you will probably find that the IP address that the Spam came from does not belong to the Spammer either.  Usually the IP address may belong to some average Joe whose machine got used by the Spammer, either by using an open email relay, hijacked some average Joe's computer or an email virus that is sending out Spam emails.  Though Spam fighting is viewed as a noble cause; real Spam costs real money in clean up fees when it overloads network resources and for the end user it gets in the way of retrieving important e-mail, and a real burden to dial-up users' with a slower Internet connection.  The Internet has been built on the concept of self-policing to date and it has enabled the Internet to flourish.  However in the case of Spam email, it has also made the Internet  ripe for abuse such as a "Joe Job" Spam attack/campaign.

SUGGESTION:  NEVER follow the instructions of a Spammer's email "removal request".  Asking for removal only confirms your "live address" to a Spammer, who in turn harvests these addresses into a list of known good addresses, and then continues to Spam those addresses or sells those addresses to other Spammers.   Same happens when you purchase any product advertised in a Spam email.

We potential have one or more legal actions against the perpetrators of this current "Joe Job" Spam attack/campaign ["Spammers"] under advisement and currently gathering information to that end.


A "Joe Job" is a term used to describe fraudulent Spam.  A  "Joe Job" is the sending of Spam designed to look like it comes from a particular source. The implicated party is then the recipient of the bounced messages, Spam complaints, and potentially various threats from those who have received the Spam.

More information about Joe Jobs.
Article on TechTV beware the 'Joe Job'

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

www.Hints.com Management

Additional questions email:  Salesr@Hints.com

Last revised: 2003-11-21

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