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San Mateo, CA

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The Company

Hints.com, based in San Mateo, CA, originated as Hints BBS on March 15, 1984.  On March 1994 Hints BBS registered the domain name Hints.com initially to handle Internet email, a relatively new thing during 1994.  As the Internet became a viable computer communication tool out dating the local BBS concept, the decision to shut down Hints BBS was inevitable and came to be by the late 1996.

In 2003 the official website, Hints.com was launched.  This long awaited goal was spurred by the development of HintsFromHintzcom eBay Store and auction sales.  In as much as Hints.com is a relatively new face on the Internet, it does go back to its roots of Hints BBS. During the mid 1980's Hints BBS provided a service to the local computer community, Computer Consulting Services combined with Accounting/Bookkeeping services and Financial Turn-Around consulting.  Our client base extends from the small community businessman to large corporations.

Hints From Hintz originated as a column of helpful Hints in a computer newsletter.  As sales at our eBay auctions grew, in 2003 our eBay store was opened, incorporating the name HintsFromHintzcom. Now here at Hints.com we have brought the two models together to carry out the original concept of the Hints BBS, assisting customers, providing quality services and helpful hints along with a unique product line.

The HintsFromHintz.com motto is to be Professional, Courteous and a Conscientious Seller who makes a 100% commitment with every sale.  We present each item honestly and make every attempt to express detailed information.

HintsFromHintz.com answers all emailed questions within 24-48 hours, in most situations, sooner!  HintsFromHintz.com execute each sale quickly and efficiently.  HintsFromHintz.com wants you, our customer to be satisfied and return again and again.

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Last revised: 2003-11-21


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