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Schutzhund Dog Judge
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San Mateo, CA

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Dog Judge
Ernest Hintz

Pictures of Mr. Hintz judging dogs at various Schutzhund (SchH) or Versatility test for Working Dogs (VPG) (new name as of Jan 1, 2004) dog events.

TO VIEW the pictures listed below:
CLICK on each PIC NUMBER.  It will open a new browser with that picture.  After your done viewing that picture, close that browser, and CLICK on the next PIC NUMBER.
A big thank you goes out to the various people that took these pictures.

To read a brief summary about Schutzhund and the sport of Schutzhund Click here.

Southwest Working Dog Assoc
  Dog Trial  03/13/2004
Pic   1,   Pic   2
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Yolo County Schutzhund Club Schutzhund
Click above is the link to Club website
  Dog Trial  08/10/2003
Pic   1,   Pic   2,   Pic   3,   Pic   4,   Pic   5,
Pic   6,   Pic   7,   Pic   8,

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The Rose City Working Dog Association Schutzhund
  Dog Trial 10/25/2002
Pic   1,   Pic   2,   Pic   3,   Pic   4,   Pic   5,
Pic   6,   Pic   7,   Pic   8,   Pic   9,   Pic 10,
Pic 11,   Pic 12,   Pic 13,   Pic 14,   Pic 15,
Pic 16,   Pic 17,   Pic 18,   Pic 19,   Pic 20,
Pic 21,   Pic 22,   Pic 23,   Pic 24,   Pic 25,
Pic 26,   Pic 27,   Pic 28,   Pic 29,   Pic 30,
Pic 31,   Pic 32,   Pic 33,   Pic 34,   Pic 35,
Pic 36,   Pic 37,   Pic 38
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USA North American 2001 Championship
  Dog Trial  05/04-06/2001 (Tracking Judge)
Pic 1Pic 2Pic 3Pic 4Pic 5, Pic 6Pic 7
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   Schutzhund trial (test) is where "a dog" is trained in tracking, obedience and [simulated] protection, in preparation to be tested at a dog trial by a qualified dog judge.  When the dog's performance passes in all three phases, the dog receives a SchH (Schutzhund) title.  This title is written behind the dog's registered name, similar as with human's BA or Phd, etc..
   Schutzhund was originally designed around 1900, as a working dog breeder tool in testing the dog's working ability.  The functions of the Schutzhund phases is to test the  dog: interest/drive to work, physical structural capacity to work, mental,  temperament capacity to work and many other features.  Today, Schutzhund not only attempts to fulfill it's original function but also function as a "sport" for dog owner's to train and compete in with their dog.  As with all sports, that intertwine humans and animals, there people who specialize in specific part or parts and others that trade in it.  Similar to most sports, the majority of participants in the sport of Schutzhund are the average individual who has a love for dogs and the dog they train, is also their household pet.
   Schutzhund originated in Germany and though the word Schutzhund in the German language means "protection dog", protection work is only a third (1/3) of the dog's work it is test on during a Schutzhund trial.  Therefore as of January 1, 2004 these dog events name is being changed from Schutzhund to "VERSATILITY TEST FOR WORKING DOGS" or "VPG", which stands for "Vielseitigkeitsprüfung für Gebrauchshunde" in the German language.

   Dogs that have attained a SchH/ VPG title, are ideal for various types of service work, since the dog has been tested in simulated functions that a service dog would be fulfilling.  Most SchH/VPG titled dogs are ideal household dogs and pets.  Some of the public sector has a misunderstanding of what makes an ideal protection dog.
   An ideal personal protection dog is a dog that can interact with most everyone, recognize a threat, threaten back and if necessary use a reasonable amount of force to stop the threat.  In some ways similar to how an ideal body guard might function.

Below is a LINK to a list of USA Schutzhund Clubs.

Last revised: 2004-03-22

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